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% Google is not my friend today...
% Now I have found loadsa sites that let me upload a csv file, but not the 
% other way around...

You might check PHPClasses to see if anyone has done this; I wouldn't be
surprised.  In general, though, you declare the file type and then run
through a loop.  From some code I have:

  header ("Content-Type: application/csv;") ;           # this is a CSV
  header ("Content-disposition: attachment; filename=authorized-visitors.$d.csv") ;    
 # file name
        [suck in file and dump into $a array]
        foreach ( array_keys($a) as $ak )               # walk thru the array
          { print "\"$a[$ak]\"," ; }                    # print the field (yes, even 
if blank)
        print "\n" ;                                    # end the row
        $total[$d]++ ;                          # keep count
      } # if($age||$ftime)      // }}}
    } # if(is_file)
  } # while(readdir)    // }}}

% Anyone care to help?

There ya go :-)

HTH & HAND & Happy New Year

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