Mayo wrote:

I'm new to php (I've been in the CF world the last few years) and have a
basic question regarding includes:

On my dev box (a fancy term for laptop) I have the following include:

<?php include ("navTop.php"); ?>

This doesn't work on the client's site. There I have to use:

<?php include ("/home/sites/"); ?>

I can't use relative links.

So is there any trick that people have so that I don't have to touch each of
my files before sending them up?


Please do not write a new post by replying to an old post and changing its subject and content. It screws up threading in the better e-mail clients (mutt, Thunderird, etc.) as it keeps the thread's headers.

It looks like your client doesn't have "." in their include_path in the php.ini. They could change their php.ino to have "." in it and fix things quick and simple.

Or, you can use ini_set() to set the value yourself. You'd probably want to do something like this in your files:

ini_set('include_path', '.:'.ini_get('include_path'));

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