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Martin Marques wrote:

If i make any DB connections from any Virtual Server that i configured in apache, PHP always takes the Main Ethernet Interface. Not The Virtual IP's of the card that are configure in the httpd.conf.

This isn't a real problem, maybe it's allready solved. I'm not sure.

But is their a way to declare over which ip PHP calls the Oracle Database ?

I think no.
By the way, Solaris has some obscure ways of working with multiple net interfaces.

Yes i know. It's little bit the same like on BSD systems. But this should be no problem cause only the name not the virutal interface syntax. It littel bit diffrent but mostly the same.

or even if this not exists, should their not be a way to delcare this.

Im thinking of in a secure reason, i think it should.

Why would you think that there's a risk?
If you have control over your server you shouldn't have any trouble (always speeking
as an unknowledged person to Oracle configuration).

The only risks are if you have multiple Stages of the Platform where you Build up a secure Site with applications.

It's in my opinion more straight if you can assign The Oracle Client to the Virtual Server with the Virtual IP.

Even it's more straight in the Networkplan and the firewall rules.

It's a little bit similar like applications who bind ther interface on *. <- no good :)

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