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This may be easier than I'm imagining...

The question:
When using the header(location: ...) method for inserting or updating some $_POST['variable']'s into a MySQL db (preventing repeat insertions or updates when 'refreshing', etc...), is it possible to return a $_POST['variable'] from the page that does the insert? I'm imagining that I'd have to have a form on the insert page with a hidden field to hold the values(s). But using this line of reasoning, I'm stuck at how the form would be submitted.

Maybe I'm missing something, but if you want to show the updated info for that computer, why not just pull the updated data fromt he DB, just as you must be when you initially create the page?

If that's not what you meant, why not do the insert and such, then display the page without using header()? Or, if there is an error, display the error, use the current $_POST entries to fill out the form again, then on a sucessful post, insert, then refresh.

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