Every time a user posts to the php-db list, the message below is
automatically sent to the sender. This has been a problem for many months
now and frequently sparks multiple requests from frustrated users to have
[EMAIL PROTECTED] removed from the list. Can you please
remove the user from the list? I do not have the headers for this particular
e-mail, but am copying the list in hopes that someone WILL have the original
headers and can attach them to this mail and forward it along. (message
appears below)

Subject: L'utente Fabio Farinelli ha cambiato indirizzo di posta

Il nuovo indirizzo č: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
La mail č stata comunque inoltrata entro 60 minuti al nuovo indirizzo di
Si consiglia sin da subito l'utilizzo del nuovo indirizzo; a breve il
vecchio indirizzo verrā inattivato.

Questa č una mail di servizio. NON rispondere.

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