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> i have winnt 4.0 servicepack 6 + apache 2.0.47 + php 430 + informix client
> for nt

> ilogin demo works fine

> sql editor works fine

> but when i try to connect  to informix via php i'get an error like

>  Warning: ifx_connect(): E [SQLSTATE=S1 001 SQLCODE=-406]  

This is not a PHP problem. The problem is in the Informix server:

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~ > finderr -406
-406    Memory allocation failed.

Something in the current statement required the allocation of memory
for data storage, but the memory was not available. Several things can
cause this error. For example, your application has a memory leak; you
are asking for more resources than the system is configured to allow;
or a problem with the UNIX system itself requires rebooting the

Roll back the current transaction. Look for ways to make this statement
simpler or move less data. Also, confer with your UNIX system
administrator to solve memory problems or look for ways to make the
operating system give this program more virtual memory in which to run.
On DOS systems, exit to the operating-system command line, free some
disk space, and resubmit your program.

> i have 256MB memory and 20 GB hard (6GB free)

It doesn't matter how much you have, but how much you assign to Informix to use as
virtual memory.

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