William Cheung wrote:
Win 2K server
IIS 4.0
PHP 4.3.4
ADODB 4.10
Oracle 9.2

I got the following error

Warning: ociplogon():_oci_open_server: Error while trying to retrieve text for error ORA-12538 in C:\PHPRoot\ADODB\drivers\adodb-oci8.inc.php on line 128

You might be hitting a combination of problems.

I noticed the message "Error while trying to retrieve text".  This
means that your ORACLE_HOME is not set properly somewhere, and after
the ORA-12538 occurs Oracle can't look up actual text for it.  Other,
more important things are likely to fail if the environment is not set

There's a note about the environment variables and Apache in the
Oracle/PHP troubleshooting FAQ:


It might give some background that applies to IIS too.

As to why the ORA error occurs - I'm not sure yet.  I've seen
ORA-12538 with ADOdb 4.10 in scripts that work with ADOdb 3.60.  See


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