>>> On P 18 [EMAIL PROTECTED] 2004 06:54, JeRRy wrote:
>>> Could someone look/try my code below.  It grabs
>>> from a mailbox and grabs emails within the BODY of
>>> email and sends the details to a database to match
>>> flag an account.
>> Could you rephrase the above? I'm sure you meant to
>> use "email address" 
>> somewhere.
>It grabs emails from _an_ inbox and is _meant_ to
>individually grab _the email address_ from each email
>and run _a mysql query_ to flag an account.  The
>works fine on _ONE_ email but not multiple ones. :(
>> I hope you're not running a spam factory.
> As I said it's used to flag accounts, admin access
> only to flag it.  I never mentioned anything
> spam did I?  I don't think so.
> J

Actually that meant to read grabs email address from
teh BODY of an email, not the headers.


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