It is not directly PHP but it is Db with PHP/Linux

Linux 2.4.19-4GB
Apache: httpd-2.0.48

I have php pages to connect to MsSQL-2000 server

$conn = mssql_connect($server, $user, $pass)
    or die "....";

or (PEAR:Db)

$dsn = "mssql://$user:[EMAIL PROTECTED]/$dbname";
    if (DB::isError($db)) {die ($db->getMessage()); }

PHP-pages with these instructions worked this morning.
Later and still now: DB error connect failed : impossible to connect now.

I suspect the MsSQL server to be overloaded.

Other users (Windows) are connecting via piped names

Myself (on Linux) connect via IP-address 

If I reboot in Windows-2000 (Dual-boot system): no problem to access Db (piped

If I make a test (on Linux) with tsql (FreeTDS): connection OK

Only problem is to try connecting through Apache/PHP on Linux via IP-Address

I had once problem making a DHCP enquiry on a Windows server from a Linux Host
and I had to increase the TimeOut thus I wondered if I do not have the same
problem now.

I checked thus /www/conf/php.ini
I uncommented the lines:

mssql.connect_timeout = 10
mssql.timeout = 60

and tried higher numbers but without success. Apache/PHP don't seem to repeat
the request till success.

If anybody knows of a way to awake or shake MsSQL (apart from blowing it). Of
course, the obvious is to install MySQL bur I am not the master here.

Alain Barthélemy
Linux User #315631

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