I'm getting much more than 255 characters. The field is not varchar but a
text field. I've looked into FREETDS as the most likely source of the
problem but haven't found anything yet.


> Michael Lewis wrote:
> > I'm having a problem with retrieving field data from SQL SERVER 2000 and
> > not sure where the problem lies. I have a variable length field (from
100 -
> > 10000 characters). When I retrieve the field using a select statement,
> > into a PHP variable such as $text=$r['body_text'], then the field seems
> > be truncated after a good bit of it has been returned (at least 1000
> > characters). I am using PHP 4.3.4 and FREETDS 0.62 on a Red Hat 9.0
> > to access SQL Server. The question is, is there a returned field size
> > maximum defaulting or defined in SQL Server, PHP, or FREETDS and/or has
> > anyone else had this problem?
> Not sure where the problem is exactly (I think it's FREETDS), but you
> can only use 255 characters in a variable character column. Newer
> versions of FREETDS may solve this, otherwise change your column type.
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