I am trying to find a problem with my sql connection now that I have
split my sql server from the apache server.

(Chain of Events)
1. Copied working web page with php sql commands to a new web server
2. Added apache server/username to new sql servers database auth.
3. Made sure that server, username, and password work by using mysqlcc
on that web server and was able to connect to the database on the sql

When I try to run the following command

$dbcnx = @mysql_connect( "new_sqlserver","user_name","passwd")
                or die("Could not connect: " . mysql_error());

php does not get past this line! No errors on the web page it just stops
processing the php script.No further output from the script or the web
page after this line is processed or sent

I enabled syslog in the /etc/php.ini but no messages there.
Where else can I check for clues?

JAD Systems

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