HI there Everyone,

Finally found the list address again, my computer crashed and I lost everything, sigh. 
 Anyway, i'm zipping a file and it's zipping the filename ok but not the file and I 
have a feeling it's something wrong with the below, as I get an error on the filesize 
parameter saying no such file, even though I know it is there.

For this example, think of $filename as having mypic.jpg stored in it (Which it does, 
checked and it echoed the name), so I specified the server path and that got rid of 
that error, but the filesize one is just frustrating me, is it something simple i'm 
missing?  I've looked into the PHP manual and seems it should be working.

$fd = fopen("/home/www/nortonway/photos/$filename", "rb");
$filedata = fread ($fd, filesize($filename));
$zipfile -> add_file($filedata, "$filename"); 
fclose ($fd);

Any help would be extremely appreciated.



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