Hi All!

After working with PHP and MySQL and Firebird quite a while I need to
install PostgreSQL. After installation I made a new build of PHP to support
PostgreSQL. I looked over the ini files and re-started Apache.

With psql I can connect like: "psql -h localhost ...". But not any chancen
seen with PHP. I even just made a small script with just two echo lines and
a pg_pconnect() / pg_connect().

This is the error Message I get: "Warning: pg_pconnect(): Cannot create new
link. Too many open links (0). in /www/test.php on line 5".

I get this message no matter what connection string I use. Even if I leave
it totally blank or put some nonsense in, I get the same error.

Any hint appreciate - Thanks in advance! Johannes

Red Hat 9
PHP Version 4.3.4
Apache 2.0.48
PostgreSQL 7.3.4
PostgreSQL libpq 7.3.4

local  all  all trust
host all all trust

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