Need some quotes

<input name=link TYPE=TEXT cols=40 value=\"".$query_data[4]."\">

Output will look like
<input name=link TYPE=TEXT cols=40 value="Look Here">

Instead of 
<input name=link TYPE=TEXT cols=40 value=Look Here>\
Which it probably looks like now.

- Paul

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Subject: [PHP-DB] Inserting querydata as default value in form


I hav made a simle page to insert update and delete data in MYSQL. I try
to put existing data into a standard form field to make editing
<input name=link TYPE=TEXT cols=40 value=$query_data[4]> Problem is when
the text data contains a space ie "Look here". Then only the first word
show. To display both words i have to update the data to "Look_here"
witch isn't really looking good. A good suggestion, anyone?

TIA Georg :-)

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