I've got an odd little problem that I just can't figure out.  First, let
me briefly describe my setup:

 * Behind a firewall is a Windows 2003 Server running SQL Server 2000
with mixed mode authentication
 * On that same internal network is a Linux web server with Apache 2,
PHP 4.3.4, FreeTDS, etc.
 * The firewall is setup to only allow the external web servers access
to specific NAT forwarded ports (1433 TCP, 1434 UDP, 445 TCP)
 * At a colocation ISP is another web server running Windows 2000 Server
with Apache 2, PHP 4.3.3, etc.

I've written a script that connects to the SQL server for simple
authentication and tracking.  This script was developed on the internal
Linux box.  Everything works fine on this server: connecting,
authenticating, queries, etc..  

Running the same script on the external Windows box isn't working as
well, though.  Apache and PHP run just fine on this box with other
scripts, but connecting to the SQL server through the firewall with the
same script and settings, except for the IP address of the server (since
we are connecting to the firewall's NAT'd ports), but I consistantly
receive the following error:

Login failed for user 'JoeShmoe'. Reason: Not associated with a trusted
SQL Server connection.

I'm thinking either there is a problem with the SQL server's settings
(somewhere, I don't know), or PHP on the external webserver, but I'm not
sure what to do.  I've looked all over the configurations for both
servers and they look fine, checked several sites and lists for advice
and couldn't find anything that would work.

Any ideas as to what I should be looking for?


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