p.s.- im using PHP with MySQL... if that helps any. thanks
i want to know what i can use to count the number of times a value appears in a column 
listing where different values are listed. for example, say in the column of Favorite 
Number we have 100 students, and for each student his or her own row. and each student 
can pick a number from 1-10. So, we have a column of 100 rows and each field can 
contain either 1-10.    Now, i want to know how can i count the number of times  lets 
say the #2 appears in this list and give that count a number. so if #2 appears 43 
times in that column, then i want it to say "2 is listed 43 times."  how do i do this? 
thank you for your help with my beginner newbie questions.

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