Thats not how it should work. Data is being passed because it will be used
for something else;
eg: editing/update, delete of ONLY SELECTED data

Thats why, im wondering how to pass, from mysql_array to a $variable to
another page.

Btw, i already make it work. I catched all data using GET

like this:
<a href=\"p_edit.php?PUBLN=" . $row['product_code'] . "&TITLE=" . $title .
"&LANG=" . $language . "&ISSUE=" . $issue . "&CATEG=" . $category . "&COST="
. $cost . "\">edit</a>


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Louie Miranda

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There's no need to pass the data to the other page. As you
passed $PUBIN_NUM you can (re)load the data easily:

select ... where product_code=$PUBLIN_NUM

Lars Jedinski

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