Launched a customer-facing e-commerce site last week using PHP talking to
Firebird v 1.0

Everything looked sweet until I started getting PHP-level errors about not
being able to connect to the database. Check the box the database is running
on (2.8 GHz dual processors) and running top found that gds_inet_server is
munching 100% of resources, even with as few as 10 connections open. More
worrying, some processes are staying alive like the goddamned BeeGees, in
excess of half an hour at a time. I explicitly close every connection to the
database in my code with ibase_close();

Thoughts? Things I should be looking into? Is there a convenient
laundry-list somewhere of issues relating to CPU-munching in Firebird so I
can check out each one? I've currently disabled database connections on the
site, making it pretty but useless. I really need help on this one. All
comments, thoughts, insights, guru-like solutions, etc, appreciated.


Evan Morris
+27 11 792 2777 (t)
+27 11 792 2711 (f)

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