Hi there everyone,

I need to write a function (New to them but starting to get the hang of it) that will 
take the field from a form and then do operations on it (To remove bad characters, any 
entered mysql commands etc ....) now that's not a problem, what I want to do though is 
write a generic function that will handle ALL the fields in any form.

For example, if I have 3 input boxes, name, address, email - I would like the function 
to recieve the data from each form string and do the operation and then send the info 
back keeping the same name and value that it arrived in.  I'm finding it hard to 
explain, but basically if a field is called email and it's value is [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
then the function needs to be able to automatically pickup that the incoming name is 
email and it's value it [EMAIL PROTECTED] then process it and output it again, and i'm 
confused how to do it.

I can do it if I specify the name of the form item coming in and going out, but since 
I want to make it generic I don't want a zillion different possible form names in the 
function :-)

Any help (If you can understand my rambling :-) would be greatly appreciated.



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