Hi all,

I am trying to use substr() negative start, but I get nothing returned - if i do a 
positive start then i do get something back, below is my code and a line of what i get 

$DB_ref = "210020007";

$DB_temp_ref = $DB_ref;

$DB_sub_ref = substr($DB_temp_ref , 0, 1);
$DB_sub_ref .= substr($DB_temp_ref , 1, 1);
$DB_sub_ref .= substr($DB_temp_ref , -1, 1);

echo "$DB_sub_ref - $DB_ref";


"21 - 210020007"

note: 210020007 is an example this is actually within a while statement using 
mysql_fetch_array from a SQL query - all results are not returning the negative string.

Can anyone help?

PHP Version 4.3.3

Apache/2.0.47 (Fedora) 

Many thanks in advance,




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