> I had this bookmarked too, and I had forgotten about it.  Would
> installing the MDAC Microsoft have on their site install the
> ntwdblib.dll?

Don't think so, I have current MDAC installed and it is not on my ws.
I just found this on: http://www.php.net/function.mssql-connect

GET ntwdblib.dll
This dll can also be found in the binary zip of php 4.3 in the dlls subdir.
put it in the system32 dir.
WATCH OUT... i used a copy found on a MSSQL server, used that.. couldn't get
it to work.. My function calls seamed OK, could call the mssql routines but
I got a connection error
When I used the dll distributed with the binary zip of php 4.3 it worked.


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