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Right now I am working along with STYS php in 24hrs(Sams)

I am using the following code 

   //connect to the mysql database
   $link = mysql_connect("localhost", $user, $pass);
   //make sure it worked
   if (!$link)
      die("Couldn't connect to MySQL");
   //get list of available databases
   $db_res = mysql_list_dbs($link);
   //loop through the available databases
   while($db_rows = mysql_fetch_row($db_res))
     //check to see if you are able to select that database
     if([EMAIL PROTECTED]($db_rows[0], $link))
        print "<dl><dd>couldn't connect -- ".mysql_error()."</dl>";
     //get list of tables for the above database
     $tab_res = mysql_list_tables($db_rows[0],$link);
     print "\t<dl><dd>\n";
     //loop throught the table geting the rows
     while($tab_rows = mysql_fetch_row($tab_res))
        print "\t<b>$tab_rows[0]</b>\n";
        $query_res = mysql_query("select * from $tab_rows[0]");
        $num_fields = mysql_num_fields($query_res);
        print "\t\t<dl><dd>\n";
        for($x = 0; $x < $num_fields; $x++)
           print "\t\t<i>";
           print mysql_field_type($query_res, $x);
           print "</i> <i>";
           print mysql_field_len($query_res, $x);
           print "</i> <b>";
           print mysql_field_name($query_res, $x);
           print "</b> <i>";
           print mysql_field_flags($query_res, $x);
           print "</i> <br>\n";
        print "\t\t</dl>\n";
     print "\t</dl>\n";

I am having problems with the FOR LOOP.  Here is a portion of the
results from the query from my mozilla browser


                unknown 1 id
                unknown 10 domain
                unknown 1 sex
                unknown 19 mail

                unknown 0 Host
                unknown 0 Db
                unknown 0 User
                unknown 0 Table_name
                unknown 0 Column_name
                unknown 0 Timestamp
                unknown 0 Column_priv
                unknown 1 Host
                unknown 7 Db
                unknown 0 User
                unknown 1 Select_priv
                unknown 1 Insert_priv
                unknown 1 Update_priv
                unknown 1 Delete_priv
                unknown 1 Create_priv
                unknown 1 Drop_priv
                unknown 1 Grant_priv
                unknown 1 References_priv
                unknown 1 Index_priv
                unknown 1 Alter_priv
                unknown 1 Create_tmp_table_priv
                real 1 Lock_tables_priv
Why is it coming up with unknown for the field type and the field length
is wrong and field flags not showing either?

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