Currently using sqlite 2.8.11 (distributed by php snaps) with php4.3.5rc2
on windows XP.
Several months ago, I added support for sqlite in a database abstraction class 
I created.  It worked great then.
Im trying to see if things are still ok today, and its not.
For example executing the select query ->
select, from table f, table b where =;
Should return result table fields "foo" and "bar".
Instead its returning result table fields "" and "".

Example script

// sqlite connection parameters produce $conn resource id

$sql = 'SELECT, FROM table f, table b WHERE =';
$result = sqlite_query($conn, $sql);
if ($result === false)
   die('For some reason');

while($row = sqlite_fetch_array($result, SQLITE_ASSOC))
    // The expected results return nothing
    var_dump($row['foo'], $row['bar']);

    // The unexpected results return data
    var_dump($row[''], $row['']);  // You get the correct values


So has anyone experienced this with the current sqlite/php combination?
This used to work correctly with sqlite 2.8.3 (distributed by php snaps)
Were there any notices that I may have missed over these past months??

Thanks for any help you may provide...

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