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> HI all,
> I am querying a db and getting the resultset, then to get out each
> individual field of the resultset (which is a single unique line all the
> time)  as mysql_result($result2, 0, "p_company"). the problem is that if the
> actual field has a space in it say "Sun microsystems", I only get "sun" and
> it doesnt give me anything after the first space.
> I have looked at the manual but as far as im concerned its really vague in
> its description of alot of the mysql functions.
> any idea what could be causing this??
> thanx Angelo

How do you _know_ you are only getting back up to the first space? 
Depending on how you are trying to display the results, your html may be 
incorrect, giving the false impression that you have missing information.

If, for example, you are displaying in a text field like this:

<INPUT TYPE=TEXT VALUE=<php echo $value>>

then you need to quote the value to avoid the problem you describe.

If this is not the case, perhaps a snippet of code that illustrates the 
problem might help us to help you.

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