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> hey,
> I've been working on a PHP/MYSQL weblog and I've got most of it working
> apart from the adding new news function and a login section.   I've set the
> form up but it is coming up with a few errors and the actual submitting of
> data doesn't work as of yet.  The code is too long to include in this post
> and its hard to explain exactly where it is going wrong because I'm fairly
> new to PHP and MYSQL - this is my first stab at them both.
> Just wandering if anyone could take a couple of minutes to look at my php
> code and tell me what is wrong with it? (it's probably something blindingly
> obvious;))
> thanks very much
> slippy

Perhaps if you were to post the errors returned and the few lines of code 
leading up to the line where the error occurs...

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