Dizem Pgc wrote:


...table structure without PEAR.... ?

Is it possible to accomplish this by a sql-statement or do I really HAVE TO
install this xtension (PEAR) ?
Cuz I've already written a few scripts containing many function calls (self
written classes, too). I read the PEAR extension organizes everything with
packages. So, if I install PEAR, do I have to change all my function calls?
I'd like to find a more 'simple' solution for my problem.

(P.S.: Thx to R.Hutchins 4 answering quickly!)


No you don't have to install PEAR. It just uses SQL to do it all anyway. This SQL works in other DBs (not sure about Interbase):


And no, you don't have to convert all of your old code if you do install PEAR packages....that is, as long as your names don't clash. I highly recommend at least looking at PEAR's DB. Or even DB_DataObject. It gives a lot of (highly tested) high level abstraction and easy to use functions. It's quick to use and shouldn't slow down your scripts any (especially if you did convert everything to use PEAR). Plus you get free updates without having to do all of the debugging and such on your own. Add to that standardization and all of the other packages you can use. :-)

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