I think you have to look up session_set_save_handler() in the PHP documentation, but I thought it was usually done manual (Ie, per page) process rather than in php.ini, though you can set it there if you like : Your specified save handler functions then take care of handing off data to and from the database.

Maybe this page will help you : http://www.phpbuilder.com/columns/ying20000602.php3

Do let us know what you find out -
Cheers, Neil.

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Dear all,

I'm trying to get the horde applications working. The horde people have redirected my question to this list. Here it comes:
How should I change the PHP.INI file in order to work with mysql session data, instead of files?
I ask this, because googling did not reveal any parameters to put in the ini file.
I also tried to change the path from /var/www/tmp to /var/www/html/tmp, but files keep on being written to /var/www/tmp. How can this be?


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