hi all,

1) Question on UPDATE
My situation is this: I want to update Table1 with values that can be found in 
Table2.. in short, I would like to do the following:

$query = "update Table1, Table2 set Table1.field1 = Table2.field2 where Table1.no = 

however, only MySQL 4.0.4 allows multiple updates and mine is 3.23.54... is there a 
way to achieve the same effect in one MySQL statement but WITHOUT using this multiple 
update technique?

2) Question on SORT
I would like to retrive my data from the database in the order which I had inserted it 
in.. is there a way to tell MySQL NOT to sort it in a certain way?? apparently, the 
result set i got seem to be sorted according to NAME although I did NOT append my 
query with an "ORDER BY"...  i'm using phpMyAdmin to view my database records and they 
are in the order which I inserted them in.. i would like to see this order too when i 
issue a SELECT on it.. how can I do this?

$query2 = "select * from GUEST where Hotel = 'PPH'";

Thank you so much! I look forward to hearing from you!

Hwee :o)

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