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This post is somewhat OT -- please forgive me. I've spent over 3 days trying to get sendmail configured and I've lost some patience and reasoning ability in the process.

I have a Linux (RH9), Apache 2.0.48, PHP 4.3.4, MySQL GUI that creates a PDF document on the server for web access. We would also like to have the document emailed to several folks within the company. So I essentially have to get the PDF attached to an email and routed to our SMTP server. I have webmin installed and have tried to use it to configure sendmail. When I execute /etc/rc.d/init.d/sendmail status --- Linux says that sendmail is running.

Several things:

- Are you sure that the sendmail path is configured in php.ini to the correct path of sendmail program? Usually it is /usr/sbin/sendmail .

- Sending messages does not require relaying on a SMTP server. A SMTP server is only needed for receiving or relaying messages. The sendmail program does not queue messages via SMTP, it just delivers them or drop in the local queue for later deliver. Only on Windows, SMTP relaying is done because usually there is no sendmail or compatible local mailer installed, although there is sendmail for Windows.

- I recommend trying this class for composing and sending messages. It supports adding attachments to the messages and usually it returns verbose error messages when it fails for some reason, saving you countless hours or blind error and trial attempts.



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