On Fri, 27 Feb 2004 01:16:20 +0100, Erwin Kerk wrote:

>Robin 'Sparky' Kopetzky wrote:
>> Good afternoon!
>> I used SQLYOG to export the tables and data from a Mysql database. Now, when
>> i try to re-import the data back into a different database, I get an error
>> stating "Error : MySQL server has gone away". What is happening and how do I
>> fix this. I NEED this script to execute badly. I even tries running it under
>> mysql using source "filename.sql" and got the same error. One table is over
>> 75,000 entries.
>The queries are taking too long. Are this plain .sql files? If so, try 
>to split them up in say, 10 separate files, and import them all 
>separately. That should work.
>And in the futue, try putting a more descriptive text in youre subject.
>Erwin Kerk
>Web Developer

Erwin is exactly right.    That being said:

You don't say and it's risky to assume if you can do any other tasks on the new 
server.  In other words, is it running at all?

You don't say which of SQLyog's methods you used to create the backup.  In this case, 
I would have used 
DB -> Export Database as Batch Scripts 
and I would save the file as <somefile>.sql and transfer that file to the mysql/bin 
directory on the new system.

Assuming mysqld is running on the new system, cd to the mysql/bin subdirectory and type
./mysql -uusername -ppassword < somefile.sql

Of course, all the foregoing syntax for re-installing presumes *n*x.

I move databases from my local windows system to a remote *n*x site frequently using 
the above process and it is very reliable and repeatable.


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