I'm talking to a MySQL database that contains info on all downloads from 
our site.
I list all these entries, on a PHP page.
The table structure etc, are static, but the fields retrieved, are 
dynamic, based on the users search criteria.
Within each result, I've added a small form, that posts that data, to an 
external site (salesforce.com).
Each field looks like this:
But one can have entries on a page..

At present, a user can submit a field to salesforce one at a time, no 
probs, and I'll probably wanna keep it that way.

TO enable multiple deletions, I must place the whole table in another 
What happens is that no matter how many deletions I select, it only picks 
up the one at the top of the page, or none, if the top one isn't selected.

I'm using the following PHP...

if ($submit == 'DELETE SELECTED') {

        foreach($_POST[select] as $del) {
                $res = mysql_query("DELETE FROM $table_name WHERE 


But I presume that the embedded forms that talk to sales force, are 
disrupting it...

So I need to either:

1. find out how to let the page detect what's selected anotehr way.. OR
2. enable multiple post to salesforce.com, WITHOUT opening potentially 
dozens of new windows (one for each submision)

Any takers on a unique way to acheive this?


(P.S. Glad you asked ;-)  )

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