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Hi everyone;

First of all I'm sorry maybe I musn't send this mail to this list but I
think that someone can help me. Here is my problem:

I use pear templates. In my html template file there is an javascript like

function validateAll (objForm){           if
(objForm.comp_prg.selectedIndex == 0) {
                                     alert ("You must choose something");
             return false;
  Return true;

This code is true. But I want to use php variable in this code. Alert
sentence must be a php_variable. I try

Alert(<php $message?>); or
Alert(<php echo"$message";*>);

The tags are not valid php opening/closing tags, you alse have PHP and
Javascript sytax errors.  probably php-general is the best place for this
post.  Although this should work.

if you don't use a qoute(') in JS alerts then JS will think its a variable
name and not a string to be alerted.
Alert('<?php echo $message; ?>'); or
Alert('<?php echo "$message"; ?>');

But I it isn't work. Can anybody help me??

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