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> Hi People,
> Am needing a little help on the following scenario.
> Selecting user_id from one table for all entries that match the required
> criteria.
> Now I want to use the user_id's that are returned by the previous query in
> another to obtain more information from another table. 
> Basically using the results of one query to become the critera for another
> query and do this for all the responses from the first query.
> Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
> Cheers,
> Shannon

If there is a direct link between the tables, for instance the user_id, 
you could probably use a join to achieve this with just one query. 
Something like:

SELECT user_id, othertablea, othertableb FROM userid_table, othertable 
WHERE [userid criteria] AND userid_table.user_id = othertable.user_id

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