On Sunday 08 February 2004 05:16, Carlos D. Carrasco wrote:

You're asking on the wrong list. As your problem does not involve the use of 
databases with PHP it should be asked on the php-general list.

Also your clock is about a month slow, please fix it.

> I did resolve my problem about the graphic
> X,Y, very interesting, but CAN NOT
> include the image in the middle of a text,
> it say that can not start nothing befor the
> <?php
> please if you have did something with this library
> and solve this problem, let me know how.

You cannot just output image data in the middle of an HTML page. All images in 
an HTML page are separate files and are each requested separately by your 
browser. Thus in your page where you want your image to appear you need your 
img tag looking something like:

  <img src="/path/to/your/image_generation_script.php?optional_parameter_a=1">

image_generation_script.php will obviously be the script that creates the 
graph and outputs the image.

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