Elke Stahl wrote:
i successfully stored  blobs in an oracle table via php. but it seems to be
impossible getting them back to filesystem!

It is a binary (no picture or executable) which arives via mail and is
written into a unix-filesystem.
iÂve stored this binary as blob datatype together with other informations in
a table with the help of a php-script. afterwards the binary will be deleted
from filesystem.
If the binary is to be used again, it should be read out of the database and
written back into the unix-filesystem.
I need a solution for the last part.

Maybe something like:

  $stmt = OCIParse ($conn, $query);
  OCIExecute($stmt, OCI_DEFAULT);
  OCIFetchInto($stmt, $arr, OCI_ASSOC);
  $result = $arr['BLOBDATA']->load();

  $fh = fopen('c:/temp/sometempfile.pdf', 'wb');
  fwrite($fh, $result);

Depending how the file is to be used, maybe it is worth checking
whether it really needs to be written back to the filesystem.  For
example files stored in Oracle 9i can be accessed directly by a URL.
Another example: the PL/SQL UTL_SMTP package could be used to mail it.


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