Josef Suchanek wrote: > my platform is W2K or WXP. For the first I tried Apache 1.3.22 > included in Oracle 9i installation with bad result. Then I tested > Apache 1.3.29 with the same bad result. Then I tried IIS without > problem and last test was with Apache 2.0.48. It worked fine too.

What about logging a PHP bug?

> When I tested apache 1.3.xx without oci8 module web server started and
> worked well but when I uncommented oci8 module then apache crashed in
> all cases.
> All binaries was downloaded directly from without my
> recompilation.

Can you try the latest PHP5 snapshot from  If you log a
bug the maintainers will want this.

> Bad think is that there are two web server releases on
> computer. That's all.

I have 1.3.28 and 2.0.47.


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