Dear Philip,

You may try PHP ver 4.3.2, using your GNU/Linux
operating system. Yau may choose your GNU/Linux
distribution which used 2.4.18 kernel.

If you try to search on its GNU/Linux CD, you may
found php-ldap package.

Happy GNU/Linux Hacking!

See you...

--- Philip R Thompson
> Does anyone know what version of php that
> ldap_connect() was released 
> with? It works on version 4.3.0 on this one server,
> but it does not 
> work on 4.2.3 on a different server? If it is
> supposed to work on 
> 4.2.3, any suggestions on why it's not recognizing
> it as a valid 
> function?
> Philip Thompson
> "When you least expect it... expect it!"
> -- 
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