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Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 17:24:31 +0800 
Subject: Re: [PHP-DB] BLOB 

hi all,


Hi ;)


with blob, i can't see the encoded password easily and
thus there is
'maximum security'. haha.. but i'm still open to any
form of 

Whoa, watch what your saying here because your well
off the ball here.  For everyone else who is not aware
BLOB is zilch security.  The details in a BLOB field
is viewable easy enough.  Please read about BLOB on
the mysql website that I listed to you, read it very
carefully, obviously you did not even read a line of
it.  Because the first few paragraphs tells you what
it is, similar to a text field if you read it.  Please
read links people send to you, otherwise why should we
bother wasting our time replying if you can't take the
courtesy to read what we type?  

I can understand your a newbie, but don't try and
think you know 100% BLOB is secure, coz you have a big
fat X mark against that and you have failed the test.

Also your sending miss-leading info to other inoccent
people, but for the record BLOB is not secure as for
protecting it's content.  

Anyways for password usage your better off using md5,
if they lose the password get the system to generate
and set a new one, email it to the user and get them
to login and change it.  Another way around it is a
secret question they must answer, if correct they can
reset their password on the fly.  

But I can see those two might not be easy for you. 
Well both to be honest is not simple for a newbie, but
if you need assistance please post to the board, I am
happy to assist if I can and so are others.  

Noone will post you a full working script on here
unless they are feeling very generous, but sniplets
they will for sure uncluding I.  But if you need a
website created you better off paying $50 or so and
get it done professionally if you want your site
secure.  Choose a reliable source though, be careful
is the key and do some homework. :)

I run a web hosting business (off topic a bit I know)
so if you need help just shoot. :)


No worries, goodluck!


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