What type of field is PhaseFK?

-- bob

On Wed, 17 Mar 2004, david wrote:

> Hello there!
> I have just about driven myself crazy with an odd intermittent problem.
> I have an intranet site, a good size one at that, on a Windows 2000 Server,
> running Apache, connecting to another Windows 2000 Server running SQL Server
> 2000. It all works just peachy, and life is good.
> But (there is always a "but").
> Now and then, I get a "Query Failed" message. I cannot find the source of
> the problem, no matter how hard I try. I can't even find an error message,
> which is really odd.
> The query looks like this (it is a dynamic query, so it can change):
> SELECT PhaseFK FROM Facts WHERE (CategoryFK=5)
> The message I get back looks like this:
> Warning: mssql_query(): Query failed in runsql.php on line 10
> I tried looking at the following to get an error message:
> mssql_query("SELECT @@ERROR as ErrorCode");  (it returns nothing)
> mssql_get_last_message (it returns nothing, OR, sometimes it tells me that
> it changed the database context)
> What I think might be going on (because it ONLY happens with certain tables)
> is that the table is locked (there are some external processes that work
> with this table, which fire off more or less randomly from my code's point
> of view) or is other unavailable for some reason which eludes me. But I
> can't seem to figure out how to tell if this is the case or not.
> It seems to me that if I get a "Query Failed" then somewhere lurks an error
> code, and thus I can trap it nicely, instead of simply failing (that bugs me
> from a user point of view).
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks!
> david
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