And just use the normal old db selection
command for it?

Which of the DBs would you select, or does it matter?


Think that is what has been confusing me.
If you can select just one db, then what is that
select_db command really doing?  Is it just
establishing a mysql session, and once established
you can issue pretty much any mysql command
through the mysql_query command?

If that IS the case, then why bother specifying the DB at
all just issue the mysql_connect, and go straight
to the mysql_query (although that doesn't work...tried it)?
Just trying to figure out what that mysql_select_db
is doing.

Oh, and yes... the databases are on the same server

Thanks again,


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assuming the dtaabases are on the same server

$query = "
select db1.table1.field
from db1.table1, db2.table2
db1.table1.field1 = db2.table2.field2  

$result = mysql_query($query,$conection)



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> Subject: [PHP-DB] MySQL Multi-DB Join
> Is there a way through the php mysql commands
> to join tables between databases?
> Is simple enough at MySQL command line, but can't for the life
> of me figure out how to do it in PHP.
> Thanks all,
> R

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