Mark A Galbreath wrote:

I've been sitting here all morning wracking my brains for a way to code a
hierarchical menu tree with JavaScript from database data retrieved by PHP,
so that the child menus appear on a mouse click.  Can PHP do this without
JS?  The only JS examples I can find use static menu trees, not dynamic


The short answer is No. PHP is a server-side scripting language, meaning that things can't change on the client side (browser) unless the user makes a new request. All of the text (HTML, JS, CSS, etc.) sent by PHP to the browser is "static" until the user sends another request. If you want DHTML, you have to use JS. (It's part of the definition of DHTML ;-).

If you still don't understand, you might want to check out some PHP tutorials or read some of the basics in the PHP manual. (

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