I'd like to have a form that does the following:
User picks a site from a dropdown list from a MySQL db (that works - code below, thanks to all those on the web who posted code for this).
Once the value is selected, a second query is run using the site as the 'where' clause and the results are displayed back to the user.

Any help for this mysql, php, htlm noob. I think once I get this bit, I'll be able to move forward with more interesting and complex code.



ps - if this message shows up 3 times, my apologies but I've been having trouble posting.


// connect to db
$db = mysql_connect("localhost");

// build query
$sitequery = "SELECT site from sitedata order by site";

// generate result set
$siteresult = mysql_query($sitequery);

// use results
echo "Select a site from the list below: <br><br><select name='site'>";
while($siterow = mysql_fetch_array($siteresult))
echo "<option value='".$siterow["site"]."'>".$siterow["site"]."</option>";
echo "</select></td>";


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