> > <snip>
> >
> > $sql = "UPDATE round1 SET game1='$game1' ,
> > game2='$game2' , game3='$game3' , game4='$game4'
> > , game5='$game5' , game6='$game6' , game7='$game7'
> ,
> > game8='$game8' , misc='y'
> > WHERE username= \"$sidarray[0]\"";
> This only updates an existing record, where the
> username is equal to 
> $sidarray[0]. Don't expect it to insert new data.

Yes tried both, insert and update.  Both fails. 
Including a 'or die' statement in the mysql connection
but does not return it can't connect.  So it must be
connecting just not posting. :(  Any other problems
that could cause this?

> > Okay it output on the php page fine but won't save
> to
> > db, anyone know why?
> Secondly, please put a little effort in writing
> quality code and markup 
> before you post it here. <br> is really ugly...

I stated in my first post the code was messy ... Think
messy and ugly match in some way.  It's just a quick
job that worked fine last year but does not wanna work
now. :(  I must of changed something before I ended my
work last year on it to make it not work.  I'll keep
trying some stuff.  Think it might have something to
do with my cookie.php file as I require sidarray[0]
which is fed from that.


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