I have a search on my page, which presents all the adresses one after all.
I would like to present a graphic icon representing the mailaddress, but
only when ther IS a mailaddress. Not everyone has a mail address.
But I cant put an if-statement in the "while(list(..."
Any suggestione to me on showing a graphic with a link when $mail is
different from null?


Code strip:

$searchquery = "SELECT * FROM kontakt WHERE MATCH (navn, telefon, mobil,
kommentar) AGAINST ('$search') order by navn";
$searchresult = mysql_query($searchquery);
$num = mysql_num_rows ($searchresult);
//Hvis der er fundet et resultat:
if ($num > 0) {
while(list($id, $navn, $telefon, $mobil, $adresse, $postnummer, $bynavn,
$kommentar, $mail) =
mysql_fetch_row ($searchresult))
print("<p><a href='kontakt/kontakt_edit.php?id=$id'>$navn</a><br>
<small><A HREF='mailto:$mail'>$mail</a></small><br>
Telefon: $telefon<br>
Mobil: $mobil<br>
Adresse: $adresse, $postnummer  $bynavn<br>
echo '<p>Der blev ikke fundet noget, og jeg HAR kigget godt efter!<p>';

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