I have a table:

CREATE TABLE `cashmire` (`id` smallint(3) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment,
`itemcode` varchar(25) NOT NULL default '', `collection` char(2) NOT NULL
default 'cl',
`promotion` char(1) default 'n', `bestSeller` char(1) default 'n',
`newArrival` char(1) default 'n', `size` varchar(15) default NULL, `colour`
varchar(30) default NULL,
`image` varchar(7) default NULL, `currency` char(3) default 'MRS', `price`
mediumint(8) unsigned NOT NULL default '0', `description` text, `purchased`
smallint(3) unsigned default NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (`id`), UNIQUE KEY `itemcode` (`itemcode`), ) TYPE=MyISAM;

When i run this SQL:

insert into cashmire ('itemcode', 'collection', 'promotion', 'bestSeller',
'newArrival', 'size', 'color', 'image', 'currency', 'price', 'description',
'purchased') values ('31474', 'cl', 'n', 'n', 'y', 'S-M-L-XL', 'AQ-BL-EC',
'', 'MRS', '8400', 'Long sleeve chunky roll neck cardigan (12 ply) with high
ribbed welt and turn-back cuffs, authentic coconut buttons', '0')

I get:

You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to
your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ''itemcode',
'collection', 'promotion', 'bestSeller', 'newArriva

I can't understand... tried googling but still no answer!

Can someone help me please,


nadim attari

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