After a long period of quite intense development, the Propel team is
pleased to announce the release of Propel 1.0.0-alpha1.

Propel is an object persistence layer for PHP5 based on Apache Torque.
In practical terms, Propel allows you to use objects instead of SQL to
read and write rows in your database tables. Propel provides (1) a
generator that creates SQL definition files (DDL) and PHP classes for
your datamodel, and (2) a runtime engine that transparently handles
object persistence and retrieval. Propel makes it easy to customize
generated classes; additionally, the use of XML, PHP classes, and the
Phing build tool make it easy to integrate Propel with an existing
application framework.

Visit to learn more about Propel.

Some of Propel's features include:

  * Use of simple XML schema for datamodel definition
  * Generation of PEAR-style compliant, phpdoc commented, PHP5 classes.
  * Easy to customize object model (& changes won't get overwritten).
  * Generation of SQL definition files (DDL) for your RDBMS
  * Several popular databases supported: MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite.
  * Support for reverse-engineering XML schema from database
  * Use Criteria OO query system instead of writing SQL queries
  * Generated methods to easily & efficiently work with (foreign key)

We're excited to finally have a PHP5 stable enough for a release.  We
hope that Propel will make it easier than ever to develop
object-oriented, database-driven applications in PHP5.


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