Hi Folks,

I am trying to display a list of retrieved records, but can't seem
to figure out how to do this properly.  Here is what I am aiming


$result = mysql_query($SQLqry);

$NumRows = mysql_num_rows($result);

$NumFields = mysql_num_fields($result);

// Loop through each row
for ($RowIdx = 1; $RowIdx <= NumRows; $RowIdx++)
  Echo "Record: ".($RowIdx + 1)."<BR>\n";

  // Loop through the fields
  for ($FieldIdx = 1; $FieldIdx <= NumFields; $FieldIdx++) 
    // Display the fields and associated data

    /*  What code goes here????? */

  } // End for ($RowIdx = 1; $RowIdx <= NumRows; $RowIdx++)


How do I properly display the fieldname and its associated data?
I know that you can do something like this using foreach, but
I wanted a generic routine where you don't necessarily know
the fieldnames.

Any hints?  (Thanks if you do!)

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