OK lets see if I can figure out how to ask this:

I am setting up a system for my company to filter through employee applications. Most of the applications do not fit the criteria and I want to allow my bosses a checkbox to the right of them which they can check or uncheck to remove an applicant.
So I run a loop that generates a bunch of check boxes with the name box1, box2, box3... by running a loop that runs this and increments counter every time:
<input type = "checkbox" name = "box<?echo $counter;?>" value = "delete">

But when I try to create my query that updates the table I have a problem generating these variable again by referring to them indirectly:

*********Bad solution 1 (to much work)***********
if ($box1 == 'delete')   <<do whatever>>
if ($box2 == 'delete')  <<do whatever>>
if ($box3 == 'delete')  <<do whatever>>
if ($box4 == 'delete')  <<do whatever>>
if ($box5 == 'delete')  <<do whatever>>
if ($box6 == 'delete')  <<do whatever>>

*********Bad solution 2 (doesn't work)***********
$counter = 1;
while (<<whatever>>)
if ($box . $counter == 'delete')   <<do whatever>>

How do I get around this problem?
Hopefully someone understands what I am trying to say.


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