Hi, I have oracle and PHP working together on a remote server called zed 
that runs redhat linux. I have another computer called accessserver 
that runs win2k pro with PHP that I am trying to connect to oracle on 
zed.  Both computers have the oracle client libraries installed.  On 
accessserver I have the code:

$conn = ocilogon("user","pw","zed.aleph0") or die .ora_error();
if ($conn)
{ echo "connection to oracle successful"; }

When I run this I get the error:

Warning: ocilogon(): OCISessionBegin: ORA-12705: invalid or unknown NLS 
parameter value specified in C:\htdocs\oracleconnect.php on line 2

I've tried looking on google for the NLS parameter but I'm not having much 
luck.  Anyone able to help?  Thanks!

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