We had a site which have worked for four full years with no problems, even
with the craziness that happened with the IDENTITY in the numeric fields on
the tables.

The problem is:
 - this same website was recently hacked and destroyed, we had to recover an
old backup and redo the whole server
- now (using the latest version of PHP, but the same old version of Sybase)
when a script retrieves a field of the numeric type which has more then 14
digits, it returns as INF.

I already have set the 'precision' setting on PHP.INI to "18".

If I do this:
$num = 98787289829872781;
echo $num;

... it works FINE, it prints exactly the number.

but if I retrieve a number, even smaller from the database it prints as INF,
and the type returned is String.

The whole site is malfunctional because of this.

can anyone help? Has anyone seen anything like this?

Thanks in advance,
Christian Dechery
Analista / Desenvolvedor
A B I L I T Y Soluções Interativas
+55 21 38526657

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